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Related article: Date: Monday, March 19, 2001 16 49th 56 -0800 From: adisoc u003cadisoc NetZero. Chapter 9 as broken facades Chapter 9 Lost Souls returned Alisa Oh, you're hurting me Justin I know who told : net u003e Subject to Justin, oh you're hurting me to let go n who told you... WHO... WHO Justin, your scared to let go ! SAY... ME... WHO... Said... YOU only if I let go and calm down. I still had both arms, holding her "Let Go...... please. " Suddenly I saw the anger in his eyes, rinse, if I said , on could be the fact that we are seeing something of a great multitude us. "Alisa... I'm... sorry... y... me," he said to let go. "It shows the people. " He began to walk away. He quickly took him. "Justin, what 's wrong with that I've never seen that before anger. " It has not gone beyond went straight to the search as I called him. " Justin" " Justin" N Why is he so excited ? Everyone knew of Brad, but why he was so angry with the fact that I knew I was thwhen marginalized? Brad How to get to my house I hear the phone ring first, looking at my to see that says 07th 30. I knew I just had finished dinner and my family would still be at the dinner table. "Hey," I cried when I n run up the stairs to my room. ring ring...... Ring My mother had to go to the kitchen to answer the phone has, but all I heard, it was quiet when he returns to the table. " Hello... hello," he asked again, still no response then went to to see the phone, caller ID, ".... Ah.... Hello... "the voice said quiet. " Yes... " said n "Who is this?" He said as he began to dawn, looking at the caller ID then Read the name of your account. ".. My God," she said with a bang "ALEX " " Hello... Mrs. Westrick Naked Preteens " " Alex, honey, how you been?" She says that all questions were going to do "Mom Well... do you? " Always the perfect gentleman, she tells herself as , remembers the young man his son once called friend. " I'm fine. ... Glad you are doing well. " " Thank you Mom.... Brad is at home ah, " suddenly her face a smile:" Yes, I think it was only in just for a minute. " " and Alex " " Yes Ma'mar.. " " We... it misses you. " A smile comes to his face suddenly " Brad, has a call. " " Who is it? "I ask " It's not Alex... " " Alex Nelson, "as the name implies, the whole family comes running to the kitchen n, all with views of disbelief on their faces. Like all full on the phone n " I did... " " Hello... " " Hey Brad..... " " Hey Alex " Are you listening to the whole family before they " can hang up now! "N " He said that now " Click... " Ja, ja, that have not changed much since they have " \\ \\ n " no, not even a pain in my fate. "I say we start to laugh n " So how you been? "Asked " Ok, I think, do you? " " Unlike the fight for ever stopped and tried in my school work and trying to keep my 3. 6, not much. "He says he laughs. " God, I miss your laughter... ah shit, sorry. "I say "Brad I 'm the one who should do the suffering. " " Sorry, sorry for that... is nothing wrong, I am... " " Yes, not being with you, I turned my back on you. " " Alex... No, I 'm the one who should make the suffering... I dragged all fuck this. " " No, Brad, you should have that when he started this shit..... I means they were like you... You want to talk, " " Alex, you are.... "I suddenly realized what he's talking on" Ah... Shit... Alex.... not " " What am I talking about? That.... I'm talking about you and how fucked n of a friend I am... is... " " Ah... Alex " s " You can not help me, who were born that way, " " Alex... Mother... Alex " No... and I was a fool... " ".... Alex " " Sorry, but I did not know how to ask for passes overlooked... " " Alex... " " you know you've been my best friend.... then discover that you are........ " Ah, man.. Alex " " I've never met anyone... Hell did not know anyone... " " ALEX ", I cried, I had to stop because if Alex started to rantShe could not stop it. He was able to speak like an eternity, but today I was tired all the shit he had done and decided, is finally up. I also missed a friend and would not lose again Alex. "What Brad. " Replied n "friend of Alex... I'm not gay. " I said with a smile and laughter of "LO tHAT.... "he said, Justin " Hello treasure " My mother says that as I go beyond it. ", and say hello to mom. " She says what happened to her in I can not believe they know how could I know, I think, going to go to the n in my head the weight room. Throw my bag on the side and I get a under my shirt and press weights. may be shouts "Justin.... " My mother, my name do not think she knows who knows more... Oh, my God, what if Alex and Brad knows... know... the inclination is that the reason Alex hates Naked Preteens me so much and why Brad I stopped talking..... "Justin, something is wrong. " Suddenly, out of my trance and my next my ​​mother... " Oh, hi mom," I tellthat "Justin said hello, 15 minutes ago, after she began walking toward the house and " " Oh, sorry, I have to do. " I say, as I n the development "not Justin, I 've seen how it was right in front of you.... everything that the treasure Naked Preteens is either " " Yes, mother... I have a lot of what in my mind, " tell me training " do you want to talk about it? " " No... " " Are you sure? " " iF " " Well... Now you know where to find me if you want to talk ? "She said that as \\ \\ n leaves. ring ring " Hello" " Hello.... Mrs. Kemper," says the voice Meredith " Oh, my God... " he says, recognizes the voice on the phone. " Hello, I am... Justin AHMM Alisa married? " Suddenly, walking her son to the s Cooking "Alisa," says then go to your child freezes and the door and turn pale as he nodded sharply in the head with a look of fear in his eyes is like n if death has just appeared before him. "Alisa... has been a long time how are you? ""I'm fine and you ? " "I 'm fine... I'm sorry, but Justin is not at home " after her son still standing before her " Ok... please tell him I called and is called important? " " Ok, I'll.... bye... "he says and turns to hang the handset, suddenly and goes to his room "Justin... " he says, as follows " Stop that, Mom. " he says as he heads his face ".... Please, "he says with tears starting to form in his eyes ", but Justin... " " Leave it " she says as she closes the door and closes it. ".... Justin, " she says, knocking on the door of Justin ".... n " "Justin.... "
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